Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Image Synthesis - Project 7 and 8

In Project 7, we were to use our renderer to model the Cornell box. This box was compared against a physical model to compare accuracy in the rendering software. This scene's walls and light are modeled using the geometry data and color data from the Cornell box at

In addition to the light source and the walls, Project 8 added fresnel effects to the renderer. Instead of the two blocks found in the original Cornell box, two diffuse spheres have been placed in the far corners of the room. A large transparent sphere is placed in the center of the room, which shows the light refracting through it.

The scene's light seems rather blurry because it was moved down slightly to not create artifacts with the ceiling, which is one giant polygon.

Below is an image of the scene rendered at 400x400 and tone mapped. It took 4 hours to render, which is rather sad

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